There is something wrong with my brain. :(

I am so freaked out about my brain. I know there is something wrong, i can feel it. It hurts and i keep getting confused.

I keep begging my parents to get me an MRI, i know i have a tumor or something.

Mom said to talk to my psychiatrist because what i am feeling may be medicine related.

I feel terrible. I feel sad, lonely, depressed and nervous.

I keep crying.

I hate this, i need help.



2 thoughts on “There is something wrong with my brain. :(

  1. make notes for yourself to stay on track. rise above it ej. just keep insisting on yourself and your own mind. and i agree, talk to you dr as well. just to say, also, i switched to latuda in late 2015. everything seemed fine but then most of 2016 was some of the worst episodes i have had ever. my coping skills as you say, kept me going, but i asked my mom to visit because it was just mean voices 24/7 and i couldn’t sleep. then i started feeling better. i took my interests seriously, and you know, since feb i have been taking some pictures for a magazine, a local one. last night i took pictures of the easter bunny skydiving into the park. it was fun to do and i’m getting good experience. i encourage you to photography, i encourage everyone to this, but also to pursue your writing for the newspaper and other publications, including your own if you feel it. when you have a calm moment, write a to do list and start contacting the outside world a little more. xxb!

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