When to go to the ER

Today i went to therapy. It was a great session. We talked about how to tell if i need to go to the ER, Psych ward, Riverside or just take a pill.

The psych ward i go to, 2S, i am suppose to go there when: I have self harm behaviors, hearing bad or scary voices, seeing scary images, feel out of control or cant calm down, voices telling me to hurt others, if i stopped taking my meds or if i need a medication adjustment.

I go to Riverside, that home i went to a few months ago, if i need a break from life and just need to get away for 5 days.

We made a scale 1-10. My symptoms: 1-2 use coping skills, 3-5, take a pill, 5-7 Riverside and 8-10 ER/2S.

I found this session to be quite helpful!


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