Slammed the door shut I AM NOT ALONE!

I stood up and gained my balance. I felt so weird. I steadied myself and walked to the bathroom.

My make up room was full of spider webs, it got tangled in my hair. I felt spiders crawling on my neck.

I shivered and slapped my neck.

I was getting scared. then the volume got louder in my head.
“STUPID B**** You are worthless and a waste of space!!”

I made it to the bathroom and slammed the door shut. I heard Jack laughing.

“leave me a lone” i said loudly.

My hands that were not mine, grabbed my neck trying to strangle me.

I promised my Mom i would never hang myself when i was having a hard time, but i almost did. i was scared because i wasnt using my own judgement. It was Jack and Paul.

They hate me and i hate them. Its sad i have to hate someone that lives in my own head.

I never get a break, please go away.


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