The voices are there. ALL THE TIME!

Darcy hears voices. Daily. She hears them all the time, morning, noon and night. The worst times are at night when it is quiet.

At least during the day, there are distractions that distract her from voices. they are still there, but they are more like back ground noises.

Darcy has fears that if she doesnt obey the voices, she will get cursed or something bad will happen to her family.

Sometimes the voices are so loud it can be quite scary. Putting your hands over your ears doesn’t even work.

Darcy lay in bed at night unable to sleep because of Paul, a voice in her head. Paul is an Indian.

Paul’s favorite thing was to see Darcy miserable. He would downgrade her daily and call her fat and worthless.

During the daytime, Darcy is in the car on the way to therapy and sees the spirits in the sky.

Michelle, a good voice, tells her one day she will go to heaven. That made Darcy smile.

Sari tells Darcy what to do so she doesn’t have to think for herself. Sari tells her to brush her hair 64 times, so she does. It makes her hair look shiny too!

DArcy gets confused a lot. Why she hears things others cant.

Then there are those rare days, Darcy hears NO voices. Those days she feels incomplete, lonely and bored.

I mean, the voices suck, but they are now apart of her.

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