A morning with a girl with OCD!

Lilia woke up at 7:59. She closed her eyes and counted to 23. IF the clock turned 8:00 before she reached 23, she would gain a wish. If it was still 7:59 after she got to 23, she would get a curse.

It was 8:00. Today would be a good day. Lilia sat up in bed and tapped her feet 12 times on the floor before standing up. She went to the bathroom to pee and brush her teeth. The voices told her to flush the toilet once, put in a cap full of mouthwash in the toilet and flush once more. SO she did. After she brushed her teeth, she turned the light on and off 23 times. 23 was a very important number to her.

for breakfast she decided on toast with peanut butter.

She counted as fast as she could to 100 before the toast popped. She made it and gained a second wish.

She took her time cutting the toast in half right down the middle. One side was a little bigger so she took a bite to even it out. She sat at the table and set the plate on the exact center of the green place mat. The gold and black rim on the plate clashed with the place mat, so Lilia got up to get a plain white plate. there. thats better.

After breakfast, Lilia put the plate in the dishwasher and went to get dressed. First the shirt, then the shorts then the clean underwear and last socks, right first then left, of course.

“Stupid bitch” The voices started. Lilia sighed. She had gone almost 5 whole hours with out voices.

“Slap your knee 23 times and bite your tongue” Lilia did.

She looked outside at the sky watching the spirits. She gave them a wave.

Death popped up in her head. She had a fear, if she leaves the house today, something bad will happen.

Lilia was getting freaked out so she just climbed back in bed.

“Leave me alone” SHe said softly.

She felt a tug at her hair and got goosebumps. Nobody was there.

Cereal appeared on her walls and she quickly spelt it out loud front and back 4 times.

Lilia had to do 15 jump in jacks but her show was on, but she needed to wash her hands, but she forgot to call her dad, but she needed to file her nails, her bed needed to be made. she needed an apple!

Lilia is code word for Emmie.




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