I fear i will get my legs amputated one day! IDK why i think that!!

I dont do well with scary movies and movies about diseases and such. Every time i hear about something bad, i automatically think i have it.

For example.: Miracles from Heaven. the little girl has a intestine disease were her intestine are twisted and she cant process food. Her belly is in constant pain.

SO my belly hurt today and of course first thing i thought was, do I have that intestine disease.

Does that make me gullible? paranoid? or everybody does that? either way,  i  read a book where a girl had to get her leg amputated. So every night and morning with out fail, i check my legs to make sure they are not blue. I talk about that in therapy a lot and MA said there is no reason why i would need my legs amputated.

I Said, a 50.50 chance. shes like more like a 2.98% chance.

Anyways, my heart races when i see sad stuff and it lingers on my mind and drives me nuts because i always think it will soon happen to me!


2 thoughts on “I fear i will get my legs amputated one day! IDK why i think that!!

  1. I had this fear too many years ago. maybe try to imagine, what if it did happen, what would you do? it’s a way to learn about strength of mind and heart and ingenuity. there is a famous wheelchair race in my mom’s town every summer. it is really inspiring what they can do. many people with missing limbs do not consider themselves disabled at all. maybe also work on your fitness, maybe upper body strength particularly. when i have a persistent fear, i try to eventually confront it. then it goes away, or at least is less “loud”. xx!

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