Her boyfriend was drunk and high, she had to call 911 (Fictional story)

Mary’s heart pounded as she dialed 911.

“911, whats the emergency?”

“My boyfriend, hes.. drunk, he he, hit me, my, my baby, we are in the bathroom!” Mary stuttered.

“One moment miss, we are tracking your number help will be there in a moment”

Mary dropped the phone and picked up her 3 month old daughter off the tile floor. She was wailing loudly and her boyfriend was in the hall swearing, screaming and punching walls.

“Hurry up dammit” Mary said to herself as she breathed heavily rocking the baby.

“Knock, knock POLICE< OPEN UP!”

Mary opened the bathroom and carried the baby to the door in a hurry. Matt her boyfriend was not in sight.

“You okay miss?” There were two officers.

“No, my boyfriend hit me and tried to grab my daughter, he is drunk and high” she sobbed.

“Whats your boyfriends name?”

“Matt, Matt Greene”  Mary snorted.

“Matt??” “Matt, show yourself” The police shined a light down the hall.

“What the hell is going on?!” Matt appeared with a gun.

“DROP THE GUN!” Police officers knelt down and aimed at him. THe baby was wailing and so was Mary.

Matt clumsily dropped the gun and was arrested.

Since Mary was underage, she was sent to a foster family that took in her and her baby. Her Mom couldn’t take her in because she was locked up in an insane asylum in Arizona. Her Daddy had died from ODing on Heroin 3 years earlier. So foster care was the only option for that innocent 16 year old girl and her baby.

Matt was sentenced to 3 years in jail and Mary never seen him again.

Today the baby, Erin, is 16 years old and her Mama tells her stories on how a man should not treat a women. She knows from experience.


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