Does Jack, the voice in my head, have bipolar??

I am very excited to see my friend Boo that i have not seen in 10 years! She is sleeping over we will have a great time! I am going to give her a make over and everything.

The new sleeping pill Dr R put me on seems to help. I slept 7 hours last night. It wasn’t in a row because i keep waking up to check the time, but in total i got around 7 hours.

I HATE sleeping!!!

I feel so good from exercising, drinking water and eating healthier.

I did have a little voices in my head issues last night. Jack told me to rip the picture i worked SO hard on in coloring class in half. I really didn’t want to because i was proud of that picture. SO i ignored him. But. he got louder. So i shut my eyes and pictured a red carpet. Louder. I squeezed my eyes shut.

Then Jack called me a bitch and started to swear at me. So i ripped my picture in half 😦 i guess i can tape it.

Jack must have bipolar. His mood changes like a snap of a finger. whatever.

Leave me alone Jack. sigh.

whatever. Today will be a good day! I cant wait to see Boo!!


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