Punching her stomach in the psych ward OVER AND OVER

It was 3:29 am. Josie was huddled under the covers in the ER, freezing and with a pounding headache.

Her parents had just left when they found out there was a bed open for Josie in the psych ward. All they needed was to make the bed and fill out the admission papers.

Josie was tempted to escape before they even admitted her but she didn’t dare. She had tried that before and it did not end up good.

“Okay Josie, ready?” The social worker came in with a nurse and a wheelchair. she nodded.

Josie climbed out of the bed on wheels and into the wheelchair. He put a blanket on her lap and off they went.

They walked down the long white halls. Why do the walls always have to be white! Its so depressing!

I looked behind me, the ER was in the past and her future was the psych ward.

B buzzed them in and they rolled her to her single room. It was her 4th time in that ward so they knew she needed a single.

It was late, she was tired. SO she climbed into bed and attempted to sleep. Her head felt like it was going to explode.

She started to cry. It made the headache worse. So she started to punch her stomach over adn over and over. soon she was so sore she knocked out.

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