She was touched in appropriately. Not right. (fictional story)

Alison couldn’t feel her feet. She couldn’t feel her hands. Her heart was numb. She couldn’t make sense of what just happened.

Her uncle who she had not seen in over 4 years had just left her bedroom. He had come in for a moment to see where they keep the towels but left leaving Alison scarred for the rest of her life.

She was molested.

He had touched her in places that were not appropriate. It had made Alison very uncomfortable but she was too afraid to speak up. Her eyes sprung with tears as his hands moved up her leg.

“Shhh” He said softly as she whimpered.

She squeezed her eyes shut.

after a few more minutes, he tapped her on the head and said “Good night princess”

he left.

Alison pulled the blankets around her and cried silently.

whatever had just happened was not right and she knew it


the next morning at breakfast she couldn’t look her uncle in the eye.

“morning princess” he greeted her with a smile.

she forced a smile and a hello.

It was time for school.

at school she was quiet. her friends sensed something was wrong. SO she confided in her two bffs.

“You gotta tell your Mom and Dad” Darcy said.

Alison shook her head.


If you are touched inappropriately by ANYONE. Tell SOMEONE. Its NOT right!


3 thoughts on “She was touched in appropriately. Not right. (fictional story)

  1. these stories you are writing i can see them for teens, either on their own or you could make a collection idk. maybe after you have like tons of them see where they might belong. look at teen books in the book store or library and see what looks possible for you and these stories.

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