Not always identical TOO BIG??

Liz had a twin, Erin. They were identical, except for one thing. Their weight. Erin fit in a size 2 jeans while Liz could barely squeeze into a size 12. Liz always resent Erin because of that.

While walking down the halls of school side by side, Liz always felt self conscious like everyone was judging her and comparing her to her twin.

Even though the sisters were close, Liz felt Erin really didnt know her. She didnt know she cried herself to sleep at night. She didnt know she had a stash of milky way candy bars stashed in a shoe box that she would binge on after Erin fell asleep.

Liz was depressed and as the pounds built on it only got worse.

Liz’s clothes got tighter and her appetite increased. She ate everything in sight and soon hit the 200lb mark.

Her Mom casually mentioned maybe together we should go on a diet. Liz thought she was insulting her and ran to her room crying. She hated herself.

Why couldnt she be like her sister, why did she have to be, the bigger of the tow?


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