Wrists itchy with blood (fictional story)

Ramona rolled over in bed and looked at the clock. It was 2:37 am. She had to pee. So she climbed out of bed to do her business. when she got to the bathroom, she looked down at her wrists. there was crusty dried up blood all over her wrists and sleeves of her nightgown. Rushes of emotions of the night before flooded through her mind. She had gone to bed angry. Her alcoholic step Dad had made her very angry and her Mom never stood up for her. Cutting was the only thing that made Ramona feel better. Seeing that blood made Ramona feel ashamed, and weak.

She went back to bed but couldn’t sleep.
Her wrists were itchy. She activated a cut and it started to bleed again. She licked the blood thinking it would replenish into her system.

Ramona felt scared, an hour later, the blood was bleeding more. She grabbed a sock and made a tourniquet. Finally it stopped. she felt relieved and fell asleep.

She woke up in the morning before her parents and brother. She showered and put on a sweatshirt to hide her wounds.

Ramona was so depressed, school was not on her mind. But of course she went. Then came gym. Great, she would have to take off her sweatshirt. Then her cuts would be exposed.

Ramona faked a bellyache. phew. she got to lie on the nurses cot.

The nurse suspected something was up with Ramona. She saw it in her eyes. SO she sent her to the counselor.

It was all in her eyes. You can tell a lot by one’s eyes.






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