15 and pregnant (not a true story)

Leigh looked at that pregnancy test in her hand shaking. There it was. Positive. It cant be true. She was only 15 years old! Leigh stuffed the test in her purse and left McDonald’s ladies room.

“Ready?” Mom asked. She was waiting for Leigh.

“Ready” Leigh forced a smile, if only Mom knew.

They left McDonald s and drove home.

“Your quiet, everything okay honey?” Mom asked.

“Yep” Leigh lied.

at home, Leigh went right to her room. She pulled out that pregnancy test again. She squinted her eyes, maybe she had read it wrong. Nope.


She hid the test in her bottom dresser drawer. She figured she could hide it and it would just go away.

* *

Weeks went by. Leigh started to show in the belly area. She started to show symptoms and Mom noticed.

She sat Leigh down and asked her straight out.

Leigh burst into tears.

“I am… i am pregnant!” Leigh sobbed. Mom wrapped her arms around her daughter.

She was just too young.

But 6 months later Leigh gave birth to a beautiful happy healthy 8 lb baby girl. She was a great Mommy. Age doesn’t always matter.












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