Who needs sleep anyways! :)

Today was a fun day. I went to JCPenny’s to use the $50 gift card Dad gave me to get some spring clothes. I have like, NO clothes. i wear the same things every day. So i got two spring colored tees, just comfy tees, socks and a pair of $5 flip flops. Then Bill and I went to Ocean State Job Lot. I got mascara and lip gloss. After that we went to Dollar General and I got paper towels and regular towels for my bathroom. It was a stress free relaxing day.
Now if only i could sleep. Last night, again, i only slept a total of 2.5 hours. I find it SO frustrating. I am just not tired. I have so much energy is odd.
Mom and I each tried calling my psychiatrist but she never calls back.
Oh well, who needs sleep anyways!


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