Blood Dripping From Her Hands, What Do You Think Of Her Now?

Carrie stood in front of her full length mirror naked. Her eyes filled with tears because she hated what she saw. Fat. Lots of it. Bulges of fat on her belly, her thighs, her arms, her sides.. she covered her eyes with her hands and sobbed. She was on medication that makes her gain weight. In 2 months she had gained 42 lbs.
Carries breathing got heavier and her eyes squinted. Her fists clenched and she punched the mirror. Shards of glass shattered all over the place. her reflection fell to the floor. blood dripped from her hands.
She took a step forward, onto the sharp pieces, her feet getting cut up. But she enjoyed the pain. An overwhelming feeling of relief came over her as she saw the blood on her hands and feet.
Carrie smiled. Then her teeth showed and she started to giggle. Soon she was laughing so hard she couldnt stop.

“Carrie, whats so funny?” Her Mom knocked on the door.

“OH MY GOD!” Her Mom’s hands flew to her face.

“What do you think of your precious child now?” Carrie cackled.


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