Take diagnoses seriously

Amy was your typical 9 year old girl. She liked to play with her friends, read and ride bikes. But Amy had a secret. Amy heard voices and nobody knew, not even her parents.

Amy hated nighttime. That is when the volume of the voices turned up and she couldn’t sleep. Amy dreaded when the clock hit 9:00, bedtime.

Amy would force the pillow over her head trying to block the screaming. It didn’t work. SHe would go to school with circles under her eyes from lack of sleep.

One day she fell asleep in class and was sent to the nurse who called her parents.

Amy was evaluated where she was then diagnosed with anxiety, depression and mood disorder.

SHe was put on medication.

But the medication did the opposite affect. Amy got really hyper and violent. She would get angry easily and throw things, yell at her parents. This wasn’t the Amy they once knew.

It got so bad, they had Amy admitted into a psych ward.

unfortunately, Amy didn’t make it. She was found in the bathroom of the psych room with a towel wrapped around her neck hanging from the towel rack.

Take diagnoses seriously.



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