3 types of voices in the head. GOOD BAD AND NEUTRAL ! :) :/ :(

Jane hears voices. There are three types. There are the good, the bad, and the neutral. The good voices are her favorite. They tell her good things such as “You could be a rock star, you could be a princess, you have the loveliest eyes!” The BAD voices degrade her. They swear at her and make her feel worthless. “Stupid bitch, cant do anything right, waste of space, you deserve to die a slow painful death” 😦 The Neutral voices tell Jane what to do. Lately they tell her tasks she must do OR ELSE. She wouldn’t dare ask what would happen if she did NOT obey. She wouldn’t risk hurting her loved ones.

So Jane listens to the neutral voices. They tell her things such as pick up the 3 lb weight, place it on the computer chair, spin it around 11 times pick it up carry it to the bathroom, turn on the sink and wash the weight for 11 seconds, dry it off and flush the toilet.

There really is no point to the things the neutral voices tell Jane. But she has paranoid schizophrenia and fears what could happen, if she shan’t obey.



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