She was on a new med, the floors were made of bubbles!!

Mindy had just taken a dosage of her new medication her psychiatrist prescribed her. It was starting to kick in and she was not sure if she liked the feeling. She climbed out of bed and stood there for a moment, light headed. It was art group time, her favorite part of the day being locked up in a psych ward.

So Mindy walked down the hallway, but today, it seemed longer. Much longer. Each step she took made her destination seem farther and farther away. She felt really strange so she turned around and raced back to her room. as she ran down the hallway, the walls were laughing at her! The floors were made of bubbles and spirits were being burned in the lights!

She climbed back into bed and hid under her blankets, heart beating loudly.

“Im okay, im okay, im okay” She repeated to herself over and over.

“I want my Mom and Dad” She whimpered.. She wasn’t a child, but at that moment she sure felt like one.



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