Her calories were now down the drain

Jessie’s family was oblivious. Oblivious to the fact Jessie had a big problem. They never ate as a family and if they did they might have noticed, Jessie was throwing up after every meal.

But Jessie ate in her room, locked in by herself.

She felt like she was being watched when eating with others.

as soon as that fork places that last bite of potato in her mouth, she races to her own bathroom, turns on the sink and throws her whole meal up into the toilet. THe sink water covers the noise.

Jessie stares in the mirror. She looked a little paler then usual, but she was happy. Those calories she had just consummated were now in the pipes.

Jessie went to school one day and after lunch told her friends that she would meet them by the soccer field in 5 minutes. SHe hurried to the ladies room to puke up her pizza.

when she opened the stall door, there stood her three BFFS with arms crossed.

“What did yoy just do?” Shelby asked.

“Um, nothing” Jessie stuttered.

“DId you make yourself worth up?” Jane asked.

Jessie started to cry, her friends enveloped her into a group hug.

“Everything will be okay Jessie, we are here for you”


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