A story about Being ADMITTED

Jacey packed her bags slowly. She was taking her time on purpose. Her Dad was going to be taking her to the hopistal to be evaluated. For the past few months, things have gone down hill, fast. Jacey has been hearing voices to hurt herself and others. Her wrists were wrapped in a heavy gauze. Jacey took a deep breath as she zipped her suitcase shut. She carried it down stairs.

“Ready?” Dad asked her. She nodded sadly. Dad helped her carry her bag to the car. She sat in front and buckled her belt.

“We will figure this out honey, things will be okay” Dad tapped my knee. The ride seemed to take forever. We got there around 6:00 pm.

Dad carried my bags and i followed him inside, a women let us in.

“You Jacey Greene?” She asked me. I nodded.

“Great, we were expecting you”

We followed her down the hallway to an office. we sat.

“My Name is Ruth welcome to ****”  The next hour, i met with the on site shrink. Then we met with my Dad.

The shrink said in deed he was concerned about my well being and wanted to admit me.

“Please no!” I started to cry.

“Im sorry” He picked up my luggage. Dad stood up to follow.

“Its best you said goodbye here” the doctor told Dad.

“NO!” I wailed.

“Bye JAcey” Dad kissed me and left. i saw tears in his eyes. Ruth put her hand on my arm and led me to the elevator.

I was crying so hard. we rode the elevator to the unit. Right away i hated it. There were screaming swearing teens everywhere.

I got my room, which was nothing more then a closet with a bed.

i cried and cried…


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