WHAT?? My Mind is too fast..

Peppers burn the eyes before penguins die in the north pole where Santa lives but unicorns are white not green. Dye the eggs pink not blue, its a girl but she wanted a boy. dont break the blue crayon, the Oreo icecream is the best, they open on the 21st, i need my eyebrows done, searching the shelves through and found the interior time for lunch not caring a second the color of his hair, i dont use the intercom and care if you share the cake at the wedding. the mice Maude a hole in the Afghan it smelt like rubber, i dont care about the tattoos, i need an MRI, my brain hurts, i have the key to your heart, dont make me laugh when i have braces, corn on the cob is good, i hate the ice in slushies. i dont care about Macbeth, but i like forever songs. i want to run, but i like to slide on the bum tickler.


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