I wish i could smell the color pink


Things i wish i could change about myself:

I wish:

I could hear only good voices, i could see spirits only when i want to, i could take ONE pill for everything, i wish I were thinner, i wish my hair were prettier, i wish my skin were clearer, i wish i were smarter, i wish i had more ambition, i wish i never went to a psych ward, i wish i could sleep through the night, i wish i had no diagnosis, i wish i could fly, i wish i were more mature, i wish i were better with money, i wish i were smarter, i wish i were better with meds, i wish i could cook, i wish i could take care of myself with no help from Mom, i wish i could smell the color pink, i wish i could prevent anxiety, i wish i didnt think about death 24/7, i wish i were not so much paranoid, i wish i were more athletic, i wish i were more into arts and crafts, i wish i could sit and write a novel and get it published. I wish, i wish, i wish…..


2 thoughts on “I wish i could smell the color pink

  1. ej i think all of these things are possible to achieve. you just have to make the first step on any given item on the list. keep taking one step at a time. if all you do is just a little light research online, like google around on these topics you listed, that is a start. stretching your arms and legs is already counting as more athletic. you can outline your novel or develop a character. you are young and you have the rest of your life to make these things possible for yourself. once you take a step you will take another one and another and you will probably achieve lots of these things on your list overnight or in a couple of weeks or months. get your dad to help you make a budget. factor in money for things like idk i wrote a booklet thing for inpatients going home and i had the idea to photocopy it a couple of times and have them bound. it was in the end unnecessary to have done that, but it was a step and it led to another idea, which was to make it available online for no charge. i have to get some opinions and permission to publish it, but it does at least exist. it is a first step. and i don’t even mind if i have to rewrite it. i just you know, i spent a few hours on it and what else was i going to do? you have nothing to do in your life but to have a nice day. find pink makeup with fragrance. that is a nice trip out, see how much pink there is in the world on your trip out, like eye-spy that game. write about the pink you found. there are three of your wishes underway, you exercised by leaving the house, you experienced pink, the fragrance, and you added in looking for other kinds of pink so extra credit for that, and then you wrote in your journal or in your notes for a novel about your discover pink adventure. one step at a time. have fun. xxb

    • thank u Ann!!!!!!! I like the pink perfume idea!! U are SO smart! I love reading your comments, u are extremely helpful and knowledgable. thanks for the advice.xxxxxx

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