Heartbroken with NO Voices!!

When i was in 11th grade i would take pills i did not know what they were, not a lot, but a few times. I was depressed and didnt care what could have happened to me.

Now that i am in a better mind, i would NEVER risk taking an unprepscribed pill. Ever.

I know there has to be something wrong with my brain, there has to be. I can look at a wall for like 10 minutes and see NOTHING/

In the past, i would see bloody eye balls, nails, bugs…

Does that mean the meds are working? IF that means they are working, i dont want them to, I dont like having a blank mind. I have come to the point that not that i want the voices,  I NEED them. I would NOT be Emmie with out them!

I have had voices in my head for a LLLOOONNG time. YEARS. If they just go away overnight i am NOT okay with that. I mean, i dont want the bad voices, of course. But i cant give up Michelle and Sari, i cant. I would be heartbroken.

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