Hiding Mental Illness!

People cant tell i have schizophrenia when they look at me. Actually people cant tell when they first meet me either!

It takes awhile for me to admit and show my true colors. I am a little timid at first because i am not sure how people will react. Some of my own relatives disowned me because of my having schizophrenia. How nice is that.

I think i hide it pretty well, the only time you can really tell, is when i am hallucinating: hearing voices and seeing things. Or being in a psychotic state.

I love having a blog because i can share every little secret because i dont know you guys in real life.

I dont talk about these things with my real friends.

I feel weird. I am not sure why. My hands are feeling strange again. I hate this feeling. Well, i need to hold a mug, i will write later xo


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