I tried to stab him, and poison myself!!

When i was from the ages 16 to 18 i was in a rough state of mind. I did things i never imagined i would do.

In 11th grade, during English class, i was sitting beside J. I took his arm and pressed the tip of my pencil against his wrist.

“What are you doing!?” He whispered loudly. I pressed the pencil harder. J yanked his arm away.

“Freak” He said as he scooted over.

I used my nails to cut my wrists. I was in a psychotic state, i think.

I Cut three slices and the blood raised to the surface of my skin.

Mr M noticed my wrists and sent me to the nurse. On the way, I went to a quiet room and poured a quarter size amount of anti bacterial soap on my hand and licked it off.

I dont know what i was hoping it would do, kill me? I didnt want to die…

i made my way to the nurse and told her what i just did. She called poison control and they told us not to worry, i hadnt eaten enough to do any damage.

The nurse bandaged up my wrist and sat me down to talk, she held my hand.

I told her i wasnt happy.

A few days later, i was admitted into another psych ward.



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