He freaked me out!!

I shared a room with a girl in Waltham psych ward. She never showered, never bathed and had dirty laundry EVERYWHERE! The room STUNK

I requested a room change, i couldn’t handle it. So i got a new roommate. This roommate was depressed. VERY depressed> She would cry all night, i felt bad, but i needed sleep.

One morning, i had the room to myself and i was writing in my journal. Patients were not allowed in other patients rooms. Dustin didnt care. HE came right into my room and came over to me. My heart was racing, i had no clue what he was doing. He held his hands out. I shook my head. THANK GOD, staff did checks then, they led him out of my room, he had totally freaked me out.

There was a lady in group saying how teenagers shouldn’t be on the same ward as adults because they were too immature. i was one of the 4 teenagers. it hurt my feelings. I had every right to be on that ward.



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