No paying job for Emmie.

So my DMH worker just called. She said they are closing my case with Mass Rehab. That means no paying job for Emmie. So instead we are looking for volunteer jobs.

I really do not understand why i am not ready for a paying job….I think i am. Their reasons were because i went to the hopistal that set me back. Thats ridiculous.

Whatever, i am better off myself.

Next Sunday i have a 4 hour writers workshop and i am SO excited!

Tonight i have an adult coloring class at the library.

I feel happy today, i enjoy being busy, it keeps me out of trouble 😉

2 thoughts on “No paying job for Emmie.

  1. you have an exciting life, i think that workshop sounds fun. ej i have had “a job” before. it’s not so great. the thing is that you will begin to question what you are doing and it will have a relationship to your paycheck, and it can get pretty depressing after some time to look at your paycheck and wonder at the quarter of the year what you actually achieved for 900 hours of your time. take this time to pursue what you would really like to do, for example the writing. if you want to volunteer i suggest a library. take a yoga class, maybe you will love it. xx!

    • 😀 !!! I reallly wanna volunteer at the library as u mentioned!! I guess u are right about jobs not being that great. so voulnteering will be fine! oxoxxxxxo

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