I feel like a butterfly!

I Haven’t been in a psych ward since August 2016! That is really good! I love the staff at 2S. I like the nurses, i like the doctor, i like the social worker and i like the group leaders.

I dont love the patients which is why every time i am admitted,  I get a singles room. Its because i am scared a patient will suffocate me with a pillow when i am asleep.

I feel like a butterfly when i walk down the hallway to group on my tip toes.  I am not sure why i do that.

I am not sure how, but the staff always know when i am seeing or hearing voices.

I just dont agree with their policy on restraint when i am having a hard time. Being restraint in a psychotic situation makes it 100X worse on me.

I enjoy meal times at 2S. The food is good and I like to take my time. I always sit in my room and eat there. I Dont enjoy watching others eat.

The ward before being a psych ward, was a maternity ward. At night i could almost hear the babies crying!



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