Crying over fairy houses i made..

I got to therapy early, there were a few people ahead of me. So i waited outside. I sat on the step and picked up little pebbles. I decided to collect them. The pretty ones. I soon had a handful. I rubbed them between my hands enjoying the sound. I wanted to keep that sound, so i tucked those pebbles in my pocket. I started to make a fairy house with sticks, rocks and flowers. It got big fast, soon it was my turn for therapy, my therapist came to get me. I left the fairy houses. It was a nice session. When i was done, i checked on my fairy houses. Someone had stomped on them, i was heartbroken. back then my emotions were strong. When i was sad, I cried. Hard. When i was happy, i laughed, a LOT. i was so sad, i started to cry. My Dad came to pick me up, i didnt let him know i was sad. i got into the car and he asked me about my session. When i got home, i realized i still had those pebbles. i smiled. Things were going to be okay.


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