I worry. about a lot. I dont know how to pay bills, i cant even set up my medications. I cant cook well, i have so many fears that prevent me from things.

What if my parents passed away, were would i go? I cant live alone.

I feel like i am a burden to my family. Im not, they say, but i feel it.

I dont know what i would do wit out my parents.

Today was an okay day, still lots of confusion. I am not sure why….

I have a writers work shop next weekend and i cant wait!



2 thoughts on “Burden

  1. while you look at cooking you can totally survive on frozen meals. they are not expensive, the diet ones anyway. if you have extra money, try Amy’s, and they would be easy to make by hand too. just look around at different books and online and see what you think you would like to try. I’m glad you are assessing your skills, it is a really quite therapeutic thing to address. i don’t know what style of food you like, but just google recipes for things you like, and you can start to understand flavor. i had this deficiency too ej, cooking. i’m starting out as pretty much vegetarian, no cheese no butter. so i found that roasting vegetables with thyme or some other herb is really easy. a soup is really easy, just cook an onion in olive oil until it is soft and kind of clear (i like yellow onions), then add the vegetable you would like and lighty stir it in for a couple of minutes, then pour in stock which you can buy ready made, and some fresh parsley – this makes the flavor really pop. simmer for about twenty minutes, then blend in a blender – do it a little at the time until it’s all blended. add it back to the pot and then warm it with – i like skim milk – a splash like maybe it’s a quarter cup or more and then you can serve it. it’s very nice with the half baked bread you can buy, like you finish baking it. if you like vegetarian food i can say it is not very expensive to eat that way. try a vegetable crumble. pastas are very easy, but not so great if you are thinking of your weight. but you can substitute the pasta for vegetables and that is really nice. the easiest sauce that i like is the onion again, and also slice a garlic clove and brown it in the oil and then remove it and discard, just to lightly flavor the oil. then add a can of hunt’s diced tomatoes, and also a small spoon of sugar to get the acidity down, or a splash of wine is very good too. salt pepper. you can put it on spaghetti squash or you can get a slicer to make like zucchini into a pasta cut shape and put it on that. if you want you can top it with a little cheese, i don’t prefer it, but mozzarella is nice. you can add fresh basil to this recipe… and there are simple things like a piece of loaf bread with pasta sauce from a jar and whatever other toppings for a small pizza thing. at least you won’t starve lol! well, have fun with it. since eating has to happen, it should be very nice. xxb

    • I like italian, like chicken parm and lasagna. Ann, i REALLY appretiate you taking ur precious time writing to me. Its so sweet, its nice to have your support. U are a big help. Thats true, i could live on frozen meals xooxox 🙂 ❤

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