Therapy, blood and almost passing out

I used to want to be home schooled. School for me was not a fun place. When i was in Westwood Lodge out patient therapy, i took a month off from sophomore year. I went to therapy 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. it was intense.

when i got home one day, Dad was still at work and my brother’s Mom was the only one home. i was in my room stapling a paper chain together. I accidentally stapled my finger and there was blood. I almost passed out. SO i called my brother’s Mom, who i was never close to, i said i need you. Shes like stop being a wimp. Thanks for your help.

In the morning, we would drop my brother at school then me at therapy. i was always the first one there, thats how i liked it. I Had time to throw up the breakfast i had just ate.

I didnt talk for almost 2 weeks in therapy. My least favorite part was when people left, we had to wish them luck and such. i hated the attention being on me, so when it was my time to get discharged, i begged the staff to not allow anyone say good bye. I didnt want to be remembered, i didnt want to make friends.


2 thoughts on “Therapy, blood and almost passing out

  1. when people don’t respond in the way you would want or expect, you can kind of start thinking of them as an alien, like you can distance yourself and look at them as a special kind of species, you can list their other qualities and form a full idea of who they are. i find this is easier than holding onto the idea and the way that i was disappointed or hurt by them. maybe even you can develop a sense of humor about them. if you encounter this person again, you will smile to see her act according to your study of her… or you may be surprised. keep open to people, including yourself. maybe she is no longer in your daily life, you sounded relieved in your post a little with your thank you note for her lol. xx!

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