I have had no negative comments!!

I dont know what to write about, so i will write exactly what i am thinking:

I want to watch Teen Mom 2, but i have to bathe, i need to eat dinner, i want to read that new book i bought, i have to walk Bella, I need to clean my room, i should disinfect my hands, i see Cereal, the voices are not too bad, Jack told me i am his favorite, that made me feel good. I am not sure if the voices in MY Head, other schizophrenics can hear those same voices in their heads. We have a bond, all us with mental illness. We are all here to support each other in times of need. When i started my blog, i was scared i would get judged, but i have had 0 negative comments which is really awesome. I dont want to choke on ice, but the PB is too creamy, i wanted to catch #4 and carry him in my purse. I just like to cry at sad songs, it seems to help! I dont want to get married, but i am in love. I need an orange. My mug misses me. I scared of the bad voices, i want to go away from my brain for awhile. I dont know why some days are great and others suck. i guess everyone deals with that.


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