Confusion, empty head, lots of voices!

I feel like my brain is changing. I know having schizophrenia means a chemical imbalance in the brain. I am starting to feel it, if possible.

I have been SO confused.

I thought my Dad was visiting my aunt in CT, i thought i made dinner all week, i thought I had a boyfriend, i thought so much that turns out not to be true.

I hate this feeling of confusion.

My head has voices, yet it feels SO empty!

I feel like I am in a constant daze.

I dont like it.

i hope i dont need a medicine change, because i like the dosage i am on.



3 thoughts on “Confusion, empty head, lots of voices!

  1. emmiejosie i’m encouraged for you. i went through a phase like this in 2009. since then i have had some setbacks but really, things with the voices started to improve. notice that all of the thoughts you had are nice thoughts. i think that your personality is struggling for dominance. i hope you feel encouraged too. 🙂 xx!

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