The World is a SCARY place!

I am scared to live. I am not living my life to the fullest because of it.

All day i think about what could go wrong. Death, fires, car crashes, kidnap, rape..

I have a routine of crying every night before bed.

I usually grab my nail scissors to cut, but i am strong enough to talk myself out of it.

I dont want to be scared. I still cant take a shower because of the acid in the water. I want to overcome my fears, but its so hard!

I am just frightened. Something could go wrong at any moment.

I could die in 20 minutes and that is scary!

Especially my heart. I have tachycardia and my heart races for quick sprints.

When that happens, im like “This is it, i am dying”

I sometimes dont want to leave the house, the world is a scary place!!


2 thoughts on “The World is a SCARY place!

  1. be mindful of your breathing emmiejosie. you can think, when you breathe in, in the here, and when you breathe out, in the now. mindfulness helps me a lot. If you find you are staying at home because of your fears, make it fun. use your favorite mug and sit down to write on paper or online. invite a friend for coffee, or your mom. try painting. you can also google around on like amazon for books on mindfulness if you don’t want to spend time in a bookstore. try yoga? but start with minding your breathing. xxb

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