No job for me.

today i met with Mass Rehab to talk about me getting a job. There were 6 other women in the room besides me. I was a little nervous. Together we decided, i am not ready for a paying job.

SO they will look into finding me a volunteer job instead.

Im not sure how i feel about that. I dont mind exactly, all i really want is to get out and do something, weather i get paid or not.

Hopefully i will hear back from my social worker about finding a companion.

After my appointment, we went to JCP to look at clothes. I tried on 5 shirts and they all looked terrible, so i didnt get anything.


One thought on “No job for me.

  1. ej it is a great time to work on your book! I am on Disability now, but before that I started structuring my week as if I had a job anyway. Weekends off and everything. It is a great way to give shape to things. Just because you don’t have a paying job doesn’t mean you are not doing anything important. xxb

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