Gullible and Naive

There was a guy named Abdul at the outpatient therapy at Westwood Lodge. He drew a picture of a snap dragon plant and used it to torment me.

At the time i was gullible and naive. He had a whole story that that plant would know my every move and see me even in the shower. I was freaked out.

I was scared that plant would never let me be free.

I got admitted into in patient. Outpatient and in paitenet are separated at different tables. I Saw Abdul and went to ask him if i was still cursed and he started to laugh.

“I cant believe you fell for it!” He laughed. I started to cry. So i went to the bathroom to cut. I was so embarrassed and still a little scared.

About a year later, i went through some papers in a back pack. I found that picture of the snap dragon and all my emotions and memories flood through my brain.

I hated that kid.


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