Caught in the middle of my parent’s divorce, therapy at the age of 6…

I started going to therapy at the age of 6. I went to a lady named Karen. She gave me a calendar with one week. I was suppose to color the days i wanted to spend with Mom in purple and days i wanted to spend with Dad, in green.

I always felt caught in the middle when my parents divorced. So i colored each day purple AND green.

It was only fair.

That therapist recommended me to another therapist. Her name was Beth. Together we made a family tree. I have a big family because Mom has 10 siblings.

Beth taught me skip bo and UNO. It was fun, but i was SUPER shy, i didnt know how to express myself through words. So Beth had me color.

Some of the pictures concerned her> I am not sure if she showed my parents, but she asked me to explain it. I did my best.

I was having a hard time because my Dad recently got married to my first step Mom. We never got along and it got worse when they had a baby. My step Mom at the time, favored my new half brother.

I went to another therapist and after that, 6 more.

Finally i found one i connected with. She understood me. When i was scared she could read my mind through my eyes, she gave me sunglasses to wear during my sessions.

I just wasnt happy. I never smiled.

One day i was on the right dosage of medication. I started to smile more and the pictures i drew went from bloody eyeballs to rainbows!

I know i needed therapy, i just wish it wasnt at such a young age.

These days i am still in a good mind set. I came along way from a shy 6 year old to a outgoing 28 year old!!!


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