It hurts her when she calls 911

I always talk about my experiences being in psych wards. I never talk about being in a psych ward from my parents point of view.

If i had a daughter with schizophrenia, i would be sad. I would cry when i have to leave her in the hands of a locked up psych ward.

I would feel bad if she had to take 17 pills everyday.

My Mom always says schizophrenics are the special ones. I agree. I am special. I can do things others cant if i want to say it positively. I can see spirits, i can hear things others cant, i can smell colors. I have friends in my head.

Sometimes my Mom and i talk about my diagnosis. I call tell it really hurts her when she has to call 911. I hate it.

It broke my heart when i was in the ER, seeing my Dad cry. HE cried because of me…I felt soo terrible.

I have a 21 year old brother, i dont think he even knows i have a mental illness.

someday i will share my story with him.



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