I see spirits, ALL THE TIME!

I see spirits. ALL THE TIME. There is not one time i can remember not seeing them in years. Since i am so used to it, its not as obvious when i see them as it used to be, i have learned to kind of hide it.

They dont have names. But there is different types of spirits. When you see clusters of spirits, those are family members. There are twin spirits too.

I see them in the sky, i see them in my room, i see them in my oatmeal.

At first i was scared. I was about age 17 when they first came to me.  I didnt know others couldn’t see them too. I mentioned it to my therapist at the time. She said its okay, as long as they are not mean or hurtful.

They arent.

But they are distracting. Sometimes i pretend to listen to my therapist because i cant hear her. i am more focused on the spirit sticking his middle finger up to my therapists head. I dont want to tell her because i am a little embarrassed.

I nod and smile. But i just cant focus.



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