How i decorated my apartment.

I love decorating my apartment above where Mom and step dad live. I have four rooms. One is a half bathroom. The theme is bright colors like green, purple and hot pink. I have two little bedside tables that holds my face washes, soap, toothbrush, paste, cotton balls, and other toiletries.

My bedroom is hot pink and zebra theme. My bedding is zebra and i have a zebra rug, zebra bean bag chair and hot pink curtains. I also have a zebra print lava lamp.

My make up room is my favorite. I have a white vanity with actress like mirror with big light bulbs, perfect to do make up.

I have a paisley printed stool and multicolored throw rug.

Last of all, is my therapeutic room. I am in the process of decorating it. The theme is gold and baby pink. So far in that room i have my clothes hung, a soft baby pink throw blanket and a pink and gold heart framed.

I just went on Amazon and ordered a bunch of items for my therapy room, it only costed less then $40, i get the good deals, cant wait for them to arrive!!


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