Age 16 and my world flipped, mentally.

My whole mental illness issues mostly started when i was 16. The DAY i turned 16, my world flipped.

I was hallucinating all the time, i had my first hallucination, Peter, with me at all times. i was started on medication, i was hearing voices, i was feeling pins and needles in my fingers.

I started to cut when i turned 16. I also started to throw up after my meals when i was 16. Also at the age of 16, i got suspended from HS for a week. age 16 was also my first visit to the psych ward.

16 was just a BAD year for me. It was the beginning of my journey with mental illnesses. I was NOT happy and tried a few ways to hurt myself like drinking lotion and anti bacterial soap. i also attempted to strangle myself in several occasions.

I am amazed at how far i have come. Back then, i didnt think things would ever be better for me mentally. I was scared i would end up in a mental institute.

but i didnt and here i am, sharing my story!!! ❤ oxoxx

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