Steps of my psychotic episodes~

Steps of a psychotic episodes

I lay in bed starting to count.

I get all nervous if i dont count to 23 before the Huggies commercial is over.

I climb under my blankets.

The voices start.

they get louder.

I get scared.

I go downstairs to tell Mom.

The voices get even LOUDER< i cover my ears

I start to cry.

I start seeing dead people, and my heart races.

Mom calls 911.

The EMTs come.

They strap me to a stretcher.

I get scareder.

In the ambulance, i see and smell colors. i scream and cry.

we make it to the ER.

I get a bed. I try to escape.

They restrain me in a restraint chair.

I cry harder and sweat.

THey give me a shot, i calm down.

When i am calmed down, i talk to staff and they call for a bed in the psych ward for me.


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