Mom was SO sick, we didnt think she’d make it!!!!

I remember about 9 months ago, Mom was having trouble walking. She was weak and restless. That night she fell and couldnt get up. we called 911. they took her to the ER. That fall was a blessing. If she had not fallen, we wouldnt have found out she had renal failure.

She went straight to ICU, her eyes were yellow.

They put my Mom on dialysis and said she would be on it forever. One visit, Mom wouldnt wake up. i asked the Doctor if she would be okay. He didnt answer.

“She is not going to die right?” i asked. He looked at me and said “SHe is really, really sick”

I was SO scared. I went over to Mom who was fast asleep, monitors all over her. I told her i loved her and dont be scared.

I squeezed Mom’s hand, she squeezed it back!

I knew my Mom wouldnt give up! She was discharged from ICU to rehab for 2 months. SHe was on dialysis.

We thought she would be on dialysis for the rest of her life! But, she wasnt. and she came home!

These days Mom is doing so well! She is up and walking again, paying bills, cooking and cleaning. I am SO proud of her! LOVE U MOM!


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