I graduated from a therapeutic school

I did graduate high school. I got my diploma. I went to a therapeutic school for 10th to 12th grade. I learned a lot of coping skills, not so much academics.

At my school we had time out rooms. They were little 6 by 6 foot rooms that you sit in during hard times.

i went into the time out rooms daily.

I also went to the nurse daily for panic attacks.

One day my panic attack was so bad, they called 911. My counselor rode the ambulance with me to the hopistal.

In class, i would be distracted by the voices. Thats one reason i didnt really do much school work. I also had no motivation. I was going through so much stuff mentally that i really didnt even think about school work.

i got bad grades.

I was sad.

I was learning addition of fractions in the 12th grade. I knew that was below my grade level which made it worse, i felt like a loser.

But it was a nice school because i fit in. We all had issues similar. I felt safe and accepted.


2 thoughts on “I graduated from a therapeutic school

  1. Gilly says:

    Feeling safe and accepted beats anything else! I’ve forgotten half the stuff I learnt at school. And I finished at the end of year 10. Thanks for blogging your experiences! I’m really enjoying reading.

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