Killing Brain Cells

I stood at my full length mirror not happy with what i saw. I had a pair of nail scissors in one hand. All i had on was a pair of underwear. I pinched the fat on my stomach and touched the cold scissors to my warm skin. I pressed it a little harder. I had planned on cutting the fat off my belly. It started to sting as a little drop of blood raised to the surface of my skin. I used my finger to wipe the blood off my belly. I made an X on my hand with blood. i dropped the scissors. Was i really going to cut the fat off? i think i may just have.

I shook my head back and forth as hard and fast as possible. My brain swished around in my skull. I think my brain got twisted because my thoughts were twisted.

My eyes crossed and everything went blurry. I just did it faster!

I think i was slowly killing brain cells.

I fell to the floor and started to cry. I was so confused with what i was doing. I felt so alone. My family was downstairs with out a clue what was going on in my head.

i needed help but had no clue how to ask for it.


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