Grateful for my medications

I have acid reflux. I used to throw up a lot after eating, unintentionally. My throat would burn and my chest felt like it was on fire.

I went a gastroenterologist. He put me on a med that helped, but i kept burning. So my Mom brought me to get an Upper GI. Thats when you put a camera down your throat to take pictures of digestive tract. In order to do that, they have to put you to sleep. It came out that there was an inflammation and then diagnosed me with acid reflux. After trying 4 different medications, they finally found one that works for me.

If i miss that pill one day, the symptoms reoccur

That shows how much medication can do for you. If i were off my clozapine, i would most definitely be back in the psych ward.

I am grateful for my meds.


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