I remember the first time i was ever brought by ambulance to the ER. I was 23 years old, I think. My doctor at the time weened me off Clozapine too quickly. I went from 700 mg to 100 mg in a matter of a week or two. It was way too low for me.

As a substitute, my doctor put me on Seroquil. That was a mistake. I had a bad reaction. I couldn’t sleep, i had restless leg syndrome and i was hyper.

I was getting adjusted to the new medication while having withdrawals from the Clozapine.

That night, i couldnt sleep again. My family was asleep it was around 2:00 am. I grabbed a notebook and pen. I scribbled on the paper as fast and hard as i could, i couldnt stop and that was scary.

I raced to get my Mom, i was truly frightened.

i woke her up and she tried to calm me down. But i couldnt stop pacing. Thats when the voices started to scream at me.

i fell to the floor in a ball. Thats when Mom called 911.

THey were there in minutes. One of the EMT’s told me to sit, but i couldn’t! my legs wouldnt cooperate. So he sat me on the stretcher and brought me into the ambulance. I started to hallucinate in the ambulance. I cant exactly remember what i was seeing, but i do remember it was scary.

that night i was admitted into the 2S psych ward for the very fiirst time.



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