Bus Adventures

Yesterday i rode a bus to my therapy appointment with M. It was my first time and i was nervous! Its really a bus for handicapped people, but for some reason i qualified.

I climbed up the steps slowly.

“Hello!” The driver greeted me.

“Hi, I am emily, nice to meet you”

“Hi Emily,  I am Doc”

“Doc, as in one of the seven dwarfs?” I smiled. He laughed.

He told me to pick  a seat, the bus was empty. SO i sat in the front seat.

“I can help you with the belt” He said.

“I got it!”

“Good job!”

I grinned proudly.

on the way to my appointment, we listened to music and i sang along it was  a nice ride. I asked him questions and he told me about his two dogs. He was super nice and 5 minutes into the ride, i wasnt nervous anymore!

we got to my apt 1 hour early. So i checked in and found a seat in the waiting room. I saw Cereal on the wall.

while i waited, i talked to some other people waiting.

I waited until 12:00 and MA called me in. We had a nice session! After it was over, my step Dad picked me up and my adventures out was over!


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