Last night, the voices actually had me REHEARSE a panic attack. REHEARSE!!!!!

I was in bed and my heart started to race. The voices said to get out of bed, sit on my chair and cry. I didnt want to but i dont want my family to be cursed.

So i did that 12 whole times! I lay in bed, jump out, sit on the chair, cry, grab my back pack and pack it for the ER

I was totally fine, but the voices insisted i do it!!

I got faster each time. I ended up racing out of bed, barely missing the chair, sob and then i would zip and unzip my back pack. I was like on the REPEAT button.

It was strange. Thats never happened before!

I dont understand the point of the whole situation.

I was ready to go to the ER for NO reason, like i said, i was fine.

It was the voices that had the problem. Finally after 12 times, i lay back in bed. I was exhausted but the voices would NOT shut up!





One thought on “REHEARSING a PANIC ATTACK!!!!!

  1. the thing is the voices are improving with their requests i think. this request was not entirely weird or pointless, like using your barbie doll as a toothbrush or turning the light on and off 23 times. maybe in some time, several months at least, things may improve such that the voices are gone for a while, a long time, maybe forever. i have had voices such as the ones you are describing, but it has been a long time, and actually, i felt encouraged that they got more logical like yours are doing. i have a schizophrenic friend online and he said regularly to our mental illness chat page, “we must maintain”. that really helped me.

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