Being in the ER, who should be seen first??

When someone goes to the ER, for either physical or mental issues, who should be seen first?

Say someone with a broken arm comes in the same time as a person comes in hearing voices and hallucinating. There is one bed left, who gets it?

I really dont know the answer. I have never been to the ER at all besides mental reasons.

Both are important in different ways. With the broken arm, you are in SO much pain! But hearing voices is painful in a different way.

I would like to know what you guys think, post below!


3 thoughts on “Being in the ER, who should be seen first??

  1. Such a difficult question!
    I have had panic attacks and been in hospital convinced I am about to die. I feel like I need to be treated immediately, but I guess, from the doctor’s point of view, I’m not actually in any immediate danger, compared to someone who has suffered life-threatening injuries for example.
    But it is a terrifying experience and I wouldn’t want to be left in that situation any longer than necessary – so I don’t think there is a clear answer to the question :/

  2. Even though some people say that mental illness is a physical illness, I think the broken arm has to be attended to first. I actually think it is part of healing at a certain point to start thinking of one’s ability to withstand and to accept the limitations of any medical treatment and to try to maintain one’s self in a situation where no help is immediately available.

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